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Collected No. 3: The Burden Of Proof

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

I found this at a junk store years ago. I couldn’t help but buy it… partly because I romanticize the UK… but mostly because I think it’s well designed. So simple. So clear.

Published in 1962. Designed by Howard Russo.

Collected No. 2: OMD “Telegraph”

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

I was planning on sharing a book this week but I changed my mind when I found this in a local record shop over the weekend. Having been a long time fan of OMD, this sleeve caught my eye. I had never seen it before. It was designed by Peter Saville and released on Virgin in 1983… obviously after the band had departed from Factory Records. Regardless, it’s a lovely cover.

Collected – No.1: BBG “Snappiness”

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

Starting today I am going to begin sharing weekly some of the books, records and various pieces of what I consider to be well designed ephemera that I have collected over the years. I hope you enjoy.

First off, the “Snappiness” Remix from BBG. This is a great slice of balearic house from 1990 that has been hanging out around my turntables a lot lately. Perfect for a mellow evening or Sunday morning.

Sleeve design by Graham Tunna/Wrapp.

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