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CDR x Cartoon Network

Earlier this year I was floored when I got an email from a designer/curator Mark Murphy asking me if I would be part of a group show celebrating Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary. Each artist in the show was asked to create a work featuring their own stylized interpretation of a Cartoon Network character. I was floored yet again when the mini mad scientist, Dexter, was given to me as my subject. I’m a BIG fan.

I began sketching immediately not knowing exactly how I ultimately wanted to represent Dexter.

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

I soon decided that I wanted to make Dexter even flatter than he was already. I wanted to make him more graphic and bold.

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

I also began referencing psychedelic poster art of the 1960′s looking for inspiration. After more sketching and some time on the computer I created the image below. My plan was to have this silk screened at a very large size.

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

After some thought, I decided the image above was just not right for what I wanted to present. Although I really liked it, I felt it was too expected… and too digital. It was not enough of a personal interpretation of Dexter. It was an illustration of Dexter, but I wanted something more… something warmer. So… after much thought… and another couple of weeks of work I came up with the this:

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

Abstract Dexpressionism
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 40 Inches

I always find it interesting to a see piece of work start in one place and then go somewhere else all together. I am always open to it. I never planned on this project turning out the way that it did… but I am very pleased with the results.

Abstract Dexpressionism was on display at Comic Con in San Diego this summer, and is now in Atlanta where it will be exhibited at the Cartoon Network Headquarters.

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