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Sundays Are For Lovers – Release & Parties

I’m very excited for the release of Sundays Are For Lovers for which I designed the cover and section dividers.

Sundays Are For Lovers is an exploration in four parts: eat, rest, laugh, love. there is a particular tenor to a sunday… there’s laziness, cooking breakfast, comfy-clothes, time spent in bed, wandering the neighborhood, sitting in a café, house-work, yard-work, making out, art projects, meeting friends at the pub, a last chance to get shit done before the work-week begins and then of course the end of something … the beginning of something.

Curated by Maria Alexandra Vettese

Available at Lines & Shapes Connect Us

Book Release Parties:

17 Pleasant Street
Portland, Maine
June 11, 5–8 p.m.

203 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York
June 15, 6–9 p.m.

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