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It’s an honor to be featured in Flashback, a new release from Victionary focusing on “Retro Design in Contemporary Graphics”.

From Victionary website:

“Retro design has emerged today as designers begin to look back to the vivid 20th century and find inspirations for new graphic styles in the depressive pixel age. Some think the collective and sensational reference of the old time aesthetics is the retrieval of the lost enthusiasm for new findings and the future in the new century, others reckon it as a tribute to the prominent art and design movements between the roaring twenties and the early nineties. Taking a trip down memory lane and witnessing a bold and pronounced application of shapes, typefaces and illustration works in contemporary graphic art, Flashback unveils how the epoch persists to be an enduring spring inside modern creative studios in the well-defined sections of Geometry, Typography and Illustration.”

Available through Amazon.


It’s making silly things like this that make me the most happy.

A Public Service Announcement – No. 01

This pretty much sums up my mood after several stressful days of technical and operational issues. Too many pixels and too much clicking in my life lately. I wonder if my screen ever gets so tired of staring back at me?

I’ve decided to take a moment and step away from the computer. I think that this is what I need to do. I KNOW this is what I need to do. I think I need to make a habit of doing this more often. So… I printed this poster and stuck it on the wall above my desk to remind myself.

You ever feel this way? If so, feel free to download a copy of my little poster for yourself. Click Here!

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