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Onwards & Upwards

Cheers to the New Year.
I’m thinking 2011 will definitely be the year we get those flying cars we were promised.

All Together Now

Thanks to everyone who commented, or emailed me regarding my last post. Your feedback is really important to me. It’s nice to know you are out there. The blog will continue on. I look forward to what the new year brings. I hope you do to.

Just Curious…

Is anyone out there? Are you still looking at this blog?

I’m just curious. With 2011 rapidly approaching, I am wondering if it’s time for a change. Should I keep this blog? Should I change it?

If you are out there… and you are looking… I’d love to here your thoughts. Feel free to comment… or drop me a note: cdryan@cdryan.com

Enjoy the rest of 2010. See you in the new year.

The Housemartins

This morning I found myself crammed into a crowded subway car moving slowly through a tunnel taking me into Manhattan from Brooklyn. My ipod was my only solace as I tried not to care that I was a human sardine taking my part in the racing of the rats. This particular morning the ipods shuffle feature was doing me no favors. It seemed to be weaving a drony, heavy soundtrack for my commute. Appropriate as this may have been it was not what I needed.  I needed something lighter.  Something fresh… unexpected. I was so packed between fellow sardines that I could not get my hand into my coat pocket to dig out my ipod, change songs and help my situation. So I waited… hoping that it would read my mood… and provide the cure for what was ailing me. Alas… my silent calls were answered… by The Housemartins.

I first heard The Housemartins in the late 80′s right before they split up.  I was in Junior High… in Texas… and I felt so cool that for liking them.  None of my friends had a clue… except my best friend… whose older brother was introducing us to tons of great British bands.

To my ears, The Housemartins are like The Smiths without the heaviness. But don’t let that lead you to believe they don’t deliver on intellect and wit.

A Little Trivia:
Vocalist Paul Heaton went on to form The Beautiful South… also great.
We now refer to Bassist Norman Cook as the one and only… Fatboy Slim!


Beyond The Infinite

This last weekend, without prior notice, became all about Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. It all started when I happened upon the paperback above at a book stand on the streets of Williamsburg (C’mon… how was I supposed to pass this up?) By the time I got back to my apartment all I could thinking about was seeing the movie again… immediately. It had been a while since my last viewing and I felt that I was ready for another go. I have always found 2001 to be quite intense, and at times horrific, but ultimately mind-blowing. Fast forward to 12:30 Saturday night and there I was pushing play. Blast-off! Now it’s Tuesday, and I can’t quit thinking about it.

I won’t use this forum to try to explain the film. If you have not seen it… well, what’s the matter with you? Nothing else I’ve seen comes close to the profound vision and scope of this work as far as I’m concerned. Classic.

New – Badly Drawn Boy

Do you like Badly Drawn Boy? Me too. Big Time.
I finally got my hands on the new album… and it is wonderful.
Do yourself a favor and get one for yourself.


Imagine a world without John Lennon. I can’t.

It was 30 years ago today that Lennon was murdered in New York. I still remember that day. I was 7 years old. The adults I knew were devastated. At the time I didn’t really understand why. I knew of The Beatles and a few of John’s songs from listening to the radio. But now, as an adult, growing up with all the art John left us… I understand.

We miss you John.

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