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Interview @ Graniph-Labs

Cheers to the fine folks at Graniph for featuring my thoughts in this interview to coincide with the release of the tee I recently did for their artist series.

Santa Fe Astronaut

I recently designed this postcard for an upcoming exhibition I will be taking part in.

More to come!


As I prepare to stock the shop with all new goods it’s time to clear out some of the old Posters and Books.

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Guilty Conscious – Downloadable Print

Yesterday morning as I sat on the runway awaiting take-off I began to feel guilty. As I stared into the screen on the seat in front of me at the heart-breaking, blood boiling images and the staggering statistics of disaster from the BP oil spill (Spill? It’s more like a gushing wound), I began to feel, for the first time in my life, guilty for my part in a system that runs on oil. There I was sitting on a plane that would be burning oil. I took a car to the airport that was burning oil. When I landed, my taxi into Manhattan would be burning oil. I began to obsess about these as well as all of the other things that exist in my life that are connected to oil and the need for it. My mind began to spin as the list grew.

I began to realize that I am SPOILED.

Now, for the record, I have not been oblivious to issues surrounding oil and it’s effects on our societies and our eco-systems. I’ve just never felt so overwhelmed by it all as I did yesterday as CNN gave me a big dose of pure truth.

Personally, I really try to watch my footprint.; I ride my bike whenever possible…  I conserve electricity… I recycle… I try to avoid unnecessary paper and plastic… I consider which businesses I support, etc. But, I still feel… SPOILED.

Is it possible to live outside of a system that runs on oil? Perhaps… but not so easily at this point. I can only hope that others are feeling spoiled too… and that we collectively move towards new energy solutions that are better for our planet and our conscious.

As I was considering all of this the image above popped into my head and I thought to share it as a downloadable print.  Please feel free to print it, share it, agree with it, love it or hate it.

Download 8.5×11 Print
Download 11×17 Print
Download 18×24 Print

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