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As Of Late…

This is the cover of the album art I recently finished for Austin’s STEREO IS A LIE.
The album is out now on Monolathe Recordings (a small label that I run with 3 friends.)

Below is the poster for their album release show.

Get In Here – Tees

A number of you emailed me to ask about “Get In Here” tees after I posted the graphic last Friday. There are tees available! You can get them from my friends PalmerCash… HERE.


Here’s some V-Day wishes for you all! Have a good weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here Comes The Sun

It was nice to have that old glowing orb in the sky keep me company on my walk to the subway this morning. It had been a while.

Sneaky Peeky – Work In Progess

Today was a productive day. Good to be back in the office. Now if I could just spend some time catching up on emails.

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