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Solar System: Tees & Prints

My friends over at THREADLESS have printed a 2nd run of my Solar System Tee.
Guys & Girls / $18 / Get one while you can!

In conjunction with the re-release of the tee, I have made Solar System Prints (paper and stretched canvas) available through SOCIETY 6.
Various sizes available / $26-$95 / FREE SHIPPING THROUGH THIS SUNDAY 11/28!



Those who know me may know that earlier this year I partnered up with three friends from my home state of Texas to start a record label, MONOLATHE, with a mission of dedicating ourselves to materializing our collective obsession with music and design. After months of hard work from all involved we are up and running. Our first release from Austin’s STEREO IS A LIE hit the universe yesterday, and we will follow this with their full-length in early 2011. We’re psyched about all of it, and look forward to what the future holds.

Find out more about MONOLATHE here.

Find out more about STEREO IS A LIE here.

Shown above:
STEREO IS A LIE – “It’s Too Late” – Cover
STEREO IS A LIE – 11.20.10 – Gig Poster


Flashback Mondays

I thought I had lost this drawing forever… but at last I have found it.

This was a piece I did a few years ago based on an image that I came across online.  The image was of The Kinks… I think. They were each standing on these large cylinders that were obviously part of one of those super-awesome, mod TV stage sets from the 1960′s.

Anyway… a couple of months ago I get an email from a UK design/ad agency that had come across this work and others that I have done with characters in the style. They were interested in commissioning these types of character drawings for a client. I was interested… and as we discussed the possibilities, they showed me “sketches” they had done using this style. These were quick, crude facsimiles of my characters holding various items and objects. With a little work, they’d be just like mine.

As email between myself and the agency continued, and deadlines were pushed, I began to feel that this job was not going to happen. I know that feeling. I’ve circled that block many times in my day. So, I was a bit shocked to receive a last email stating that they were still working things out… AND… what would my fee be to let them copy me. Seriosouly?!?

There’s not much else to this story. I gave them a number and never heard from them again. I got a good laugh out of it though. Just think about all of the designers out there who would be billionaires if they could collect money up front from those who will be copying them. Wow.

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