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And This Is How We Do

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

If Hip-Hop was to contact me and ask me to design them a logo, I would show them a little somethin’ like this.

Progression In Progress

The time has come for a change!
I will be doing some updates on the blog for the next week.
So please excuse the dust.

The New Graphic

The New Graphic

There are graphic blogs and there are GRAPHIC BLOGS. The New Graphic is one of the latter.

“The New Graphic is an online resource that was put together by Cina Associates. It is a collection of people that work with us or that we highly respect. The New Graphic’s main focus is on graphic design but will wander as much as our taste does.”

If you are familiar with Cina Associates, then you are aware of the talents of Art Director/CEO, Mike Cina (formerly of WeWorkForThem, YouWorkForThem, and Test Pilot Collective.) If you are not familar with Cina’s work… do your research!

On a side note, Cina and I attended the same university in the early nineties. We did not know each other really, but we were both DJ’s so our paths crossed here and there. I do remember he had better records than me though!

CDR x Little Paper Planes: Big Exclusives

I am psyched to have work featured in Little Paper Plane’s “THE BIG EXCLUSIVES”.

These collections are seasonal with 10 artist per collection and 2 pieces per artist. Each Print comes in an edition of 50, hand numbered, printed artist signature along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Artists Include: Alyson Fox, Matthew Bowers, Caitlin Keegan, Tchmo, Christopher David Ryan, Christine Tillman, Josh Peters, Jen Renninger, Lulu Wolf and Jessica Cannon

Read all about it HERE.

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

The Christopher David Ryan Experience - cdryan.com

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